Black liquid lipstick (Review on Pretty Zombie Cosmetics) Xx


Hi lovelies!!!!

It’s been far too long I’m so sorry college deadlines were so crazy I didn’t have time to shower let alone apply makeup and blog :(. But Im back, and I think Im going to set myself an achievable goal of one blog post a week until summer and  then I’ll have more free time then to Blog till my hearts content I promise haha !!!

So getting straight back in, I recently ordered a liquid lipstick (and when I say recently I mean two months ago) haha. I ordered a liquid lipstick from this company I found on Instagram called “Pretty Zombie Cosmetics”. I saw this black matte liquid lipstick shade and had to have it so I ordered the shade “Black Cat” I was super excited as it was only I think around €10 and shipping is free I was just informed that shipping was going to take a while. They weren’t joking :p It took a month and a half and I got the package yesterday I mean it was coming from America but still really.

You can purchase the liquid lipsticks from this site:


Thoughts on the liquid lipstick:

  • Although it took ages to come it was quite reasonable in price considering ABH and Lime crime products.
  • It is so pigmented its cray!!! You barely use a drop so it will probably last me ages.
  • Theres no scent but it doesn’t smell bad either so no complaints in that department.
  • Super easy to apply I would use a lipliner just to be safe if its your first time applying a liquid lipstick as they tend to dry in quick.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 03.16.30

Tips for rocking Black Lipstick:

1. Keep the focus on the bold lips. Black lipstick is a bold enough statement in itself so you don’t go too heavy on the eye makeup. Try to keep a fairly flawless face and subtle eyes unless its Halloween or your going for a certain dramatic look.

2. Moisturise the lips. No one wants crusty statement lips so in order to pull of this bold look its essential that you moisturise the lips first and foremost keeping them hydrated as dark lipsticks especially liquid lipsticks tend to be quite drying (vaseline is essential).

3. Apply lip liner, then lip product. I didn’t have black lip liner so I just used an eyeliner pencil that I hadn’t used yet just to outline the shape of my lips, then filled in with the product.This helps to keep everything tidy and in place, it helps to prevent the product from bleeding (moving).

4. Set your lipstick(optional). After you apply your lipstick, peel off 1 ply of a tissue, place it on your lips and set it with translucent powder. This just helps the product to last longer on your lips!!

5. Wear it with confidence. Black lips are a Bold enough statement, so make sure you wear it like you own the room and believe me, you will!


Do you dare to wear black lipstick let me know your thoughts??? xxx

Talk soon dolls,

rouge rebel final


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