Review: NYX Matte lipsticks & Butter gloss Xx


Hey lovelies,

I have had such a crazy couple weeks in college its beyond stressful, but it was my cousins 21st birthday party last night so I took to the shops for some retail therapy and picked up some new lip products in Sam McCauley’s for makeup that night. Seriously!!! how I never discovered that they sold NYX products is beyond me I almost had a stroke, clearly have been living under a rock haha!!!


These are my very first NYX purchases so I was really excited to try them out. I got two NYX Matte lipsticks in the shades “Sierra” & “Maison”, and also purchased two butter glosses in: “Tiramisu” and “Eclair”. To be fair they were cheaper than I expected, I can’t remember exactly the prices but roughly the lipsticks were €8 and the butter gloss I think was €6.


Thought on the Matte lipsticks:

  • So affordable and easy to apply.
  • Highly pigmented I didn’t need to use a lot of the product for my lips.
  • Surprisingly long wearing I genuinely didn’t top up my lippy once the whole night I was in shock (had food and drink).

Thoughts on the Butter glosses:

  • Also very cheap and easy to apply they just glided on.
  • Gorgeous pigment I honestly thought I would have to apply a few coats to build up colour they are actually quite similar to a liquid lipstick consistency.
  • The smell of the glosses OH MY GOD!!! Unreal guys they smell like cupcakes ughhh its just you have to buy them alone for the scent hahah!
  • They weren’t that sticky, I forgot I was actually wearing gloss throughout the night.


So overall I was extremely happy with the products and will definitely return to get a few more shades because the colours oh my lord I would have taken them all home. So if you haven’t tried their lip products yet do because I mean for that price you’d be mad not too!!! I mean look how fabulous I look rocking the shade..I joke i joke!

I hope to have a makeup tutorial up soon, this weekend coming will be intense so my next post may not be till Monday week but after that college work will have calmed down so I’ll have more time for blogposts promise 🙂 Oh and Happy International Womens day gals!!!!!

Chat soon,



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