Get to know the real me..30 facts <3


Hey dolls,

I thought I would post a more personal blog post today, rather than the usual tutorials and reviews just so you can get to know me on a personal level. I hope you like this post and if you would like to see more non beauty related posts let me know !!!

30 Facts About Me

1I was born and raised in London , we moved to (Cork) Ireland when i was 16, I found it really hard packing up moving to where I knew no one besides family and starting  all over again.

2) I have moved house four times.

3) I never learnt how to ride a bike.

4) I have a fear of spiders and only recently flying from my 6th year holiday trip the turbulence and air pockets were so bad I thought it was the end of me. (slight exaggeration as always haha!).

5) I eat nutella out of the jar I have no time for spreading it on toast !!


6)  I would love to film youtube videos but I don’t think I’m confident enough yet to take that step but i might take that leap soon …

7) I am my own worst enemy, I’ve been told I don’t believe in myself enough so I’m working on that currently I promise haha..

8) I would love to become a certified makeup artist and do freelance work.

9) I was going to be named Aisling but my dad was worried that they wouldn’t pronounce my name properly in England and pronounce it as “ASSLING”.

10) I have a long neck haha friends refer to it as ostrich like.


11) I got a tattoo on my 6th year holiday of a butterfly that actually  turned out  like a spider/bat.

12) I fixed it haha!!

13) If I am deprived of food or get really hungry I’m moody and grumpy as my boyfriend likes to call it ” HANGRY” (hungry+angry).

14) I could watch youtube videos for hours and not get bored!!

15) Im 22 years of age and still love disney films,I have the mental age of a 6 year old.

16) I’m in my 3rd year of college studying graphic design.

17) I broke my wrist playing badminton(oh the shame) and told everyone it was from tennis to sound less pathetic haha.

18) My hair is naturally poker straight, I would love curly hair or even wavy because sometimes I get pissed off when it just hangs there.


19) I have dark brown eyes, I always wanted green/blue so when I was 14 I used to wear coloured contacts haha but now I’ve learnt to love my poo coloured eyes.

20) My skin is really pale without makeup so I’m constantly asked  by family members if I am sick.

21) Im 5 ft 7.. not quite model height wahhhhh!!! dreams of top model have been crushed I joke.

22) Im really goofy and don’t take myself very seriously (get that trait from my dad).

23) I have a younger sister who everyone thinks looks older *sigh haha.

24) I hate scary films and rides Im a bit of a wimp if you haven’t noticed…

25) Beyonce and Lana Del Rey obsessed I mean who isn’t,plus I got to see both in concert too amazing!!!!

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26) Growing up all I listened too is RNB I was never into that club music phase, girl please pphhsttt!!! Destinys child and R.kelly for life!!

27) The majority of my going out clothes are black…I love black clearly.

28) Im obsessed with lipsticks obsessed!!

29) I am very easily distracted..

30) I  don’t sing in the shower I perform!! anyone else and I also dance at any chance I can get I don’t need no alcohol!!


So thats 30 facts about me hope you enjoyed getting to know the weird goofy person that is Casey (Rouge Rebel). Let me Know what you think, I will have another blog post up on Sunday 🙂

Talk soon,

rouge rebel final




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