(Anastasia Beverly Hills) Dipbrow Pomade Review & Tutorial!!!! xxxx


Hi dolls,

Oh my lord I’m in love!!!!! My Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow pomade delivery came today its amazing. I was a bit anxious in a way, because its hard to know which exact shade would suit your brows, but mine thankfully matches and blends in perfectly wohooo!!

When I heard about this product I researched a before purchasing and found their statement on the website: “Waterproof brow color ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that won’t fade. Smudge-free, creamy formula glides on skin and adheres to hair. Must-have for oily skin and humid climates”.

I immediately then knew I wanted to try it out, I used to use eyebrow shadows for my brows to fill them in and although they did the job, my brows still looked lifeless and tended to smudge/not last the whole day. So the whole “smudge-free” aspect really sealed the deal for me personally and also the fact that I had never used a gel like consistency to fill in/shape my eyebrows before was an added bonus.


Dipbrow pomade comes in 10 different shades: Ash brown, auburn, blonde, caramel, chocolate, ebony, granite, medium-brown, soft-brown and taupe. Which is a huge selection to choose from, I myself have dark brown hair so I chose the “Ash brown” shade. The reason why I didn’t go for the “dark brown” was because the swatches shown on the internet were very warm toned and I felt would look too fake and painted on. So I watched a good few reviews on youtube and found that ash brown works best, as its more of a subtle shade for darker hair. Overall I am very impressed with my chosen shade it matches perfectly!

I purchased the Dipbrow pomade off of beautybay.com (http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/anastasiabeverlyhills/dipbrowpomade/
It came within 7 days packaged beautifully and retailed for €12 which is quite cheap in my opinion ($16 for America), as I hear this product can last for months maybe even up to a year, cray!
Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 13.03.53
As for the application: it is so easy to apply and takes only a matter of minutes , which would have normally taken me at least ten.
  1. Take a thin clean angled brush and dip into into the dip brow pomade tub, then run it on the back of your hand to wipe off the excess.
  2. Using a spool/ eyebrow brush,comb the eyebrow hair upwards and set them into place.
  3. Begin, to lightly sketch out the (bottom half) outline of your brows with hair like strokes.
  4. Then start to fill in the outer corner of your brows, and make sure that there aren’t any sparse areas.
  5. Then without adding more product whatever is left on your angled brush lightly outline the front of your brow and with feather like movements trace out and fill in the front part, there should be barely anything there.
  6. A gradient effect should now be created, to Finnish using concealer trace underneath your brows and blend in creating a definition for the eyebrow and your eyebrow is complete!!!

10422978_10205840103500962_2367974527127066408_n10420147_10205840103140953_8848058718592002531_n 10407850_10205840104500987_240256985311099141_n 10955795_10205840104740993_7963685927937045079_n 10468680_10205840105021000_6264187111703786021_n 10931313_10205840105261006_7524328728901021289_n   10940545_10205840106421035_7010464824814638477_n 10438957_10205840105581014_243799820100312672_n

Hope this helps Im so obsessed with this, you have no idea!!! Next week my lip tar from OCC cosmetics (Obsessive compulsive cosmetics) should be arriving cannot contain my excitement how sad.

Talk soon lovelies,

Rouge Rebel xx



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