Makeup for Glasses Xx (and update)


Hey dolls,

Sorry it has been a while I’m aiming to blog at least three times a week now promise, so no more breaks for me. Just thought I’d update you my birthday is next week I’m pushing on lads 22 already practically 30 good grief haha.

So my boyfriend kindly booked me in for tattoo zoo to get a tattoo fixed up on my birthday. I’m so nervous I hope they’re able do something with it, I got the tattoo on my 6th year holiday and he really messed it up. Long story short what was supposed to be a butterfly ended up resembling a spider yay 😦 so fingers and toes crossed they can fix it.

So, back to beauty related topics I decided i would do a “makeup for glasses look” today my eyes have been killing me recently so I’m wearing my reading glasses more than usual. I hate how glasses make my eyes so small and tired looking so I thought I would create a neutral look that would make my eyes pop and  yet be able to compete with the large frames of my specs.

Heres a few tricks that i used and feel best works when wearing glasses(eye makeup wise)

  • The colors you choose should complement the colour of your frames as well as the colour of your eyes. Your best bet is to go with warmer, neutral tones.
  • Apply two coats of mascara to make sure your lashes really stand out. Before you Coat them, curl them then apply your mascara. That way, your lashes won’t hit your lenses so handy.
  • Apply shadow to your lash line /line your water line by doing this it makes the eyes pop and able to compete with the frames.
  • Mac pro long wear concealer (dark circles)

Products used:

  1. Naked palette (urban decay)
  2. Ultra mattes palette (sleek makeup)

photo 5photo 3-2

So here is a step by step of how I achieved the look:


Talk soon lovelies,

Rouge Rebel xx


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